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gonna laugh at this one day ([personal profile] callum) wrote in [community profile] discoveries2010-09-04 07:13 pm

first post

Today I discovered that I rationalize my anger with women, where a man would get my full wrath. I don't know where this comes from except a weird, internalized misogyny that believes "other women" should be "protected" and "defended" at all costs (possibly my mother, who lives in her own fairytale world and insists on being protected - love her dearly, but ugh), because "an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us." Which has been pointed out to me as paranoid.

On the positive end, this means I'm inclusive toward "all women" and every once and awhile the paranoid are just those people who are "perceptive" and will be prepared when real shit starts going down and be able to help people. I'm also well aware I don't need protection, and what I do, I am perfectly capable of achieving on my own. Just have to remember to give that same approach to other women too, because I'm certain most women in my generation are quite a bit better educated than my mother. Kinda sad, but true.