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I've been in the process of discovering that I really don't take life very seriously. I never think far into the future... at least, not seriously. I can't plan things too far in advance because I never see the point. I can't help but think that this defect of mine (or whatever you want to call it) is a result of the depression I've been fighting for ages. It's just annoying that even when I'm not in an episode that I still can't plan anything - I just don't know how and even if I did, I don't think I'd care. That worries me a little.

On the plus side, I do seem to be getting better at handling my life in general. I may not be planning all that well for the future, but I'm somehow (kind of) managing to go to school, work, and still see friends on a weekly basis. [I say "kind of" only because I'm currently behind in the readings for most of my classes... XD] I don't know how long this period of productivity is gonna last, but I'm going to rejoice and enjoy it.... and hopefully I'll get my scholarship back this year. :)