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Community description:Share the discoveries you have made about yourself. Self-expression, self-awareness; enlightenment~
under construction.

The idea of this community is simple.

Discuss or share the discoveries you have made about your life or yourself recently. Your entries should include a negative discovery and a positive discovery, to allow one's mindset to become balanced. If your entry does not include a positive discovery, your positive discovery shall be "I have made a discovery." These discoveries can be about your beliefs, your hopes, your dreams; anything that entails "you".

The goal of this community is to unleash the betterment of a person, by allowing them a release for themselves to relate to others and for a person to read of others discoveries, allowing them to widen their perspective. This place is here to focus on people, on the thoughts and emotions, introspections of others.

Community Rules
1. The entrance to the community is moderated to protect the privacy of the content within (but not at the moment, since this is relatively new). All posts will be made for community view. This community will maintain a virtuous atmosphere. If drama ensues, chaos reigns and people might get pissed. Who wants that? This defeats the entire purpose. This is a place to be filled with positivity, no matter what the poster feels to include in their entries within the community.

2. Triggering content shall go underneath a cut. The cut shall entail the words, "Triggering Content". If it is by any means "triggering" (from someone sending me a message, or leaving a comment), expect a comment from me stating to put your post underneath a cut.

3. Pornography or any disturbing images shall be placed under a cut. Please have the courtesy to include images below the size of 800x600, as some users may be using dial-up and the like.

[personal profile] elestheria is your moderator! Feel free to contact her with any concerns, comments or suggestions.

It is relatively simple. Respect others for them to respect you; treat others as you wish to be treated. Inspire to inspire.
We welcome anyone and we shall not discriminate. No Pressure! (:

Else you join the Wagon of Fail and get banned.

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